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The ECGC recognizes attendees have limited time & budget, and priced & scheduled this conference with these factors in mind. This event ensures all critical issues are covered within the same forum. We bring leaders from government, suppliers and operators, who collectively set policies and make decisions, into one place where their ideas can be placed in the broadest context.


Pricing Info

Individual Registration

August 19th ($595)

$695 (August 20 – September 20)

$795 on-site

Government, Tribal, or Educator



$350 on-site

Group Registration

$495 (August 19th)

$595 (August 20 – September 20)

Group Registration

Group (20 or more)

$450 (August 19th)

$550 (August 20 – September 20)

Group Govt., Tribal or Educator

$325 10 or more (August 19th)

$300 20 or more (August 20 – September 20)

CANCELLATIONS/SUBSTITUTIONS: Registered attendees who cancel before August 20 are eligible for a full 100% refund. Cancellations before September 2 are eligible for a 50% refund. NO REFUND of any type will be provided for cancellations received after September 2.